VF Chaufffeured - Frequently Asked Questions

You love our exceptional service, However you might have some questions about it. Please feel free to review our Frequently Asked Questions below. If you're still unsure about a certaing thing, please feel free to Contact US and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Q: What information will I need to provide in order to obtain a rate quote?

We would need: intended date and times of service beginning to end, first and last location, number of passengers. It’s also good to know the type of event or if there are any requested vehicle types.

Q: What are your billing procedures?

We require a credit card to secure all booked reservations. The credit card is charged on the date of service. For specialty vehicles, group, and Saturday reservations a non-refundable deposit is billed and the full amount is billed up to two weeks in advance in accordance with cancelation policy.

Q: What’s included in the quotes or rates that I receive?

All rates include service charges, and in many cases toll/parking estimates.

Q: Are there any other fees that may be incurred?

Yes, unpredictable fees include actual tolls/parking, any added wait times, or route changes in vehicle, as well as any damages incurred during the rental. You may request a limited/closed reservation in which the passenger may not make changes.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

Actual policy varies by vehicle and schedule, typically most airport reservations can be cancelled with up to a 24 hour notice. Specialty reservations including wedding, proms, night outs have a 2 week cancellation policy. All collected deposits are typically non-refundable.

Q: What is the VF Chauffeured on-time service guarantee?

The guarantee which applies to most airport transfers under certain conditions, reimbursement for travel fees that may be incurred due to any faults caused by VF Chauffeured. The guarantee applies only to airport and train station drop off and conditions include adequate pick up times. For more information please ask a reservation specialist.

Q: Can I request a certain chauffeur?

We always accept requests for preferred chauffeurs and will do our best to accommodate client requests. Please understand that for dispatch, and chauffeur scheduling purposes not every accommodation for a particular chauffeur or vehicle can be fulfilled.

Q: Do you provide meet and greet inside the terminal?

Our default for most airports and train station pickups is to meet and greet inside the terminal unless the passenger requests curb side service.

Q: Do your vehicles include beverages?

Our sedans, SUVs and other black cars by default include water whenever possible, as a client you may request or emphasize bottled water. Our stretch limousines can be stocked with ICE and water and some beverages depending on the rental and the client requests. For more information please call us.